5 sleep hygiene tipps - How to sleep better

A seemingly new word that is attracting more and more attention: sleep hygiene. But what to do? We give you 5 tips for healthy sleep hygiene!

Some things will sound familiar and others might give you new ideas. So here are our top 5 sleep hygiene tips:


Create a room that is as dark as possible. You can also use aids such as sleeping masks.

The bed is for sleeping and…

Avoid activities in bed that do not belong there, such as eating, working on the laptop, making phone calls, etc. The brain should associate your bed only (almost only 😉) with sleeping. This helps the body to wind down and supports falling asleep.

The same procedure…

If your time of getting up at the weekend varies greatly, e.g. by staying up late or “sleeping in”, you give yourself social jetlag.
The result: you find it harder to get out of bed during the week and feel exhausted during the day. The solution: regular bed and wake up times.

No blue light

Use the Night Shift mode for mobile devices during the whole day. The blue light emitted by laptops, TVs etc. prevents melatonin production. Put all electronic devices away at least 30-45 minutes before going to bed.
Tip: Even glasses can now be equipped with blue light filters! Just ask your optician the next time you need new ones!

Stress? Take it easy!

Don’t stress yourself out! Develop your own relaxation ritual before bed. This can be a cup of tea (tip: green oat tea), a chapter from a book of your choice (not too exciting) or a short meditation session.
Making a to-do list for the next day or preparing snacks for work can also help you to clear your mind.
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Until then, sleep well!