An experience report with tips by Heiko Huegel.

Myth boxspring bed

I experience it every week in counseling, especially after the summer holiday season and Christmas: We have back problems and are looking for a boxspring bed!

Two things that don’t go together: Back problems and boxspring beds. Because of advertising and during a walk through a furniture store, the consumer is told that one can (only) sleep well on a boxspring bed because it adapts optimally through an ideally 3-mattress system. Sleeping like in a hotel or on holiday – that is the manufacturers’ message to the costumer.

A bed system as old as Louis XIV

Boxspring is nothing new. The system has been built by some manufacturers for decades. Every few years the bed industry seems to need a hype and sometimes you get the impression that the wheel has been reinvented. Fun Fact: The first Boxspring-like bed was actually given to the Sun King, Louis XIV.

I have now counseled and sold several thousand sleep systems. I have never seen a customer on a box spring system that has a straight spine if he or she lays in the side position, not even in the price ranges between 5,000 and 30,000 euros. Healthy and young people don’t mind, but with back problems such a purchase is rather risky.

Back problems and box spring beds

You can’t readjust a box spring bed, even if there are exceptions, but they are not nearly as efficient as, for example, an adjustable slatted frame. In the store you lie on the bed for, maybe, 25 minutes and think it’s great – even though your  spine isn’t straight at all in the side position. Therefore, you buy the boxspring bed. For the first few weeks it might be great, like being on holiday, but after four to eight weeks the problems often start: The arms fall asleep, tension builds up in the lower back – something doesn’t fit.
And then?
You can’t really change or adjust anything, in the worst case you have to throw away the whole bed.

Bed height and upgradeability

Many customers believe that you can only achieve a nice entry height with a boxspring bed. With a classic bed frame and a mattress-slatted-frame-combination, it is just as possible to achieve a bed height of up to 70 cm.
Upgradeability: You buy a box spring bed without motors because it is too expensive at the moment. However, for medical or other reasons, you will need an upper body or leg raising bed in a few years. In a “normal” bed, you can replace the “normal” the slatted frame, which is not possible with the box spring system. Especially for older people, this often leads to a new purchase.
Boxspring beds are not a bad thing in general. There are quite good and durable systems that many people sleep well on. These beds usually start in price ranges from about €3,000 for a double bed. Boxspring bed for a few hundred euros will not make you happy in the long run. You pay the low price with short durability. Often this adds up to an even higher price in total (buying a new bed every few years) than buying the more expensive one in the first place.
If you are one of those people who could be sold a box spring system with a clear conscience, then there is also the possibility of equipping the existing bed frame with it. There are also good box spring systems that can be inserted. Not everyone knows that. This way you might be able to save the costs for a new bed frame.

Tips for buying a bed

You probably have already realised that this topic is very complex, like all topics related to healthy sleep.
In this article, I simply want to point out that a boxspring bed is not automatically the solution to your needs. Always get a second opinion before buying one – this applies to any new sleep system.
Don’t buy a bed, regardless of the system, without really talking to a professional about it.
Out of ten customers who come to me to buy a boxspring bed, nine will buy a different system and they are happy with it.
By the way, you don’t have to miss out on the boxspring look. If you like these high upholstered headboards there are plenty “normal” bed frames with those headboards. And quite often they are cheaper.
If you want to learn more about this topic you can find many videos regarding this and other topics on our YouTube channel.  Or get in touch whit us via e-mail or our contact form. We are happy to help you to sleep better.
Until then sleep well!